Furphy Literary Award

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Everyone can write at least one good story. That was the belief of J. F. Archibald, the editor and founder of the famous nineteenth-century weekly, The Bulletin, who invited his readers to become contributors. It was this encouragement that led Joseph Furphy, working in his brother’s foundry at Shepparton, to write his ‘offensively Australian’ novel, Such is Life, using the pseudonym of ‘Tom Collins’. The book, full of stories derived from Joseph’s experience in the Riverina and told in a voice uniquely his own, is now acknowledged to be a classic of Australian literature.

In the spirit of Archibald and honouring the author of Such is Life, the Furphy Literary Award has been established to promote and extend the tradition of story telling, both factual and fictional, that is so much part of Australian life.

From 2020 the Furphy Literary Award will invite entries of short stories of 5000 words for a first prize of $15,000 in the open category (2nd prize - $ 3,000,  3rd prize - $2,000.   A junior & youth category with a prize pool of $1800 will seek entries for short stories and poetry. In addition to the monetary prizes it is intended that selected works will be included in a collection to be published annually and that the winner of the open category will also be invited to participate in a residency program in Shepparton.

The Furphy Literary Award includes award winning judges, generous prizes and most importantly the platform and opportunity for all writers to use their talents to compete at the highest standard.

The Furphy Literary Award, both national & regional is made possible from the generous support and contribution provided by the sponsors and to the many people that have contributed to the Joseph Furphy Literary Awards since 1992.

Furphy Literary Award